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Are you looking for someone to manage your magazine subscriptions, or in need of a salesperson? If you're an employer looking for employees with magazine media experience, then complete the form below and let us know what you need.

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Employee Directory

The directory below consists of people with magazine media experience who are looking for work. 

Josh Williams

Commercial Brand Manager

Skills and experience: Experience with creation and implementation of commercial revenue strategies to develop existing and new revenue streams. Budget management to achieve commercial betterment of individual media brands. Plus a wide range of sale and retail/subscription marketing skills specific to magazines.

Looking for: Currently working on contract doing sales for another publisher, ideally looking for a fulltime position 

[email protected]



Stephen Philp

Magazine Art Director/Freelance magazine designer

Skills and experience: Many years experience designing current affairs and special interest magazines in NZ and UK. Plus, copywriting, content generation and subbing skills.

Looking for: Full-time employment or long-term contract ideally, however, happily freelancing at present with availability to help out if required.

Would consider: Part-time (1-2 days per week), Part-time (2-4 days per week), Casual (few hours a week/fortnight), One-off's & Full-time employment. 

[email protected]




Brenda Ward

Magazine Editor, sales

Skills and experience: Magazine Editor at JUNO Investing magazine (commissioning, writing, sales) Chief Subeditor for Fairfax (Australian Financial Review) and subeditor, Sydney Morning Herald) ACP Media, editor at Next ACP Media, editor at Your Home & Garden Part-time subeditor at the Sunday Star-Times

Looking for: Editorial work - Editing, subediting, writing, relaunches, sales and marketing

Will consider: Part-time (1-2 days per week)Part-time (2-4 days per week), Casual (few hours a week/fortnight), One-off's, Full-time employment & Contracts and projects.

[email protected]



Rebecca Hayter

Feature writer/columnist (High Heels and Gumboots), North and South

Skills and experience: I have a degree in English and Certificate in Journalism; 13 journalism awards including Editor of the Year - Supreme Overall Winner; I love feature writing, and am an excellent proofreader/sub-editor. I specialise in yachting, and wrote a column High Heels and Gumboots for North and South magazine.

Looking for: freelance work from my home base in Golden Bay, available to work on-line and around top of South Island.

Will consider: Part-time (1-2 days per week), One-off's, I'm flexible

[email protected]



Employer Directory

This directory contains a list of employers who may be interested in employing people with magazine media experience. This list is not limited to magazine publishers.

The Spinoff is hiring 

The Spinoff are looking for the following positions:

  • Senior feature writer
  • Senior news reporter
  • Office manager

Please click here for the full details on the Spinoff website.