2014 Magazine Media Awards Winners

Held at the Auckland War Memorial Museum on the 25th of September, the 2014 Magazine Awards were a glittering affair. 300 people from the magazine and media industries gather to celebrate the best in the business.

"No matter what platform – be it social, digital, print or even television  – no media comes close to magazines when it comes to inspiring trust and establishing credibility. Congratulations to this year’s award winners, and to everyone who entered. Your products are ahead of the game, simply because they ARE magazines."

Julian Andrews, Commercial Director, MPA

Best Magazine

2014 Magazine of the Year

Winner: Woman's Day, Bauer Media

"In a declining category that is being attacked on all sides, risk taking and innovation still wins the day. With its royal baby story, this magazine wasn't just first in New Zealand, it was first in the world."

Sport & Leisure

Winner: Boating New Zealand, Fairfax Media

​"Impressive turnaround story in the midst of a tough sector and a great example of a publisher recognising the difference one passionate person can make."

Business & Trade

Winner: Idealog, Tangible Media

"Entering its 10th year, Idealog remains the business class leader with a winning combination of incisive editorial content, strong design and a vibrant website, all backed up by solid revenue growth."

Highly Commended: New Zealand Business, Adrenalin Publishing

Celebrity & Women's Interest

Winner: Woman's Day, Bauer Media

“...beating the rest of the world with the royal baby is an incredible achievement. ”

Highly Commended:OHbaby!, OHbaby! Limited


Winner: New Zealand House & Garden, Fairfax Media

"The standard in this category was uniformly high which made it a difficult category to judge. NZ House & Garden rose to the top because it's not resting on its laurels, with risk taking and increased metrics across the board."

Highly Commended: Good Health Choices, Bauer Media; Good, Tangible Media

News & Current Affairs

Winner: New Zealand Geographic, Kowhai Media

"An impressive all-round package that ticks all the boxes: financials, photography, editorial. Plus innovative brand extensions."

Best Editor

Editor of the Year 2014

Winner: Sido Kitchin, Woman's Day

“Sido is a world-class editor whose drive is unrivalled. Highly respected by her team, her company and the industry, she provided a compelling entry by any measure. She didn’t just live up to her readers’ expectations, she gave them the wow factor.”

Sport & Leisure

Winner: Rebecca Hayter, Boating New Zealand

Celebrity & Women's Interest

Winner: Sido Kitchin, Woman's Day

"Getting the royal baby issue out before any other media in the world was an incredible feat. It showed true editorial leadership.”

Highly Commended: Melissa Gardi, New Zealand Weddings 


Winner: Sally Duggan, New Zealand House & Garden

“This high-calibre category had many laudable entries. This editor excelled in delivering a superb reader experience, a top-class environment for advertisers and commercial success for the publisher.”

Highly Commended: Jeremy Hansen, Home New Zealand

News & Current Affairs

Winner: James Frankham, New Zealand Geographic

"NZ Geographic engages its audience not only through a quality magazine, but also a phenomenal photography competition that brings the brand to life. Establishing a digital archive undoubtedly broadens the audience. James is justifiably a leader of his genre.”

Highly Commended: Simon Wilson, Metro

Best Journalist

Celebrity & Women's Interest

Winner: Suzanne McFadden, Australian Women's Weekly

“Empathetic with immediate rapport, well-paced and kept you reading to the very last line."


Winner: Ann Warnock, New Zealand Life & Leisure

“Stories had broad appeal by introducing us to interesting subjects who we would love to have as guests at our next dinner party."

Highly Commended: Rebekah White, Good

News & Current Affairs

Winner: Rebecca Macfie, New Zealand Listener

"In depth reporting and analysis, with a lightness of touch that makes everything she writes instantly readable from the first line to the last."

Highly Commended: Donna Chisholm, North & South

Best Columnist

Business & Trade

Winner: Pattrick Smellie, Idealog

“Takes dry facts and turns them into informed, lively opinion. Always insightful, yet with a light touch.”


Winner: Diana Wichtel, New Zealand Listener

“Her style is effortless and well-practiced. She may be writing about television but she can transform something people regard as trivial into something meaningful."

Best Designer

Business & Trade
Winner: Marc Backwell, Pro Photographer

“A graphically bold and impactful magazine, presenting content in an effective way for its discerning professional audience.”

Winner: Richard Brunton, New Zealand House & Garden

“A designer who is integral to every aspect of the magazine’s production and style, and who successfully delivers variety to the reader.”

Highly Commended: Fiona Lascelles, Cuisine

Specialist (circulation under 12,000)
Winner: Samantha Smith, New Zealand Weddings

“A multi-layered design with the use of clever personality touches to connect with readers”​

Highly Commended: Marc Backwell, New Zealand Geographic; Tracey Ellin, Good

Best Cover

Sport & Leisure 
Winner: Sky Sport, June 2013​

"Highly topical story with simple and strong visual impact"

Business & Trade

Winner: Pro Photographer, August/September 2013

“An imaginative and impactful use of photography on the cover that connects well to the main cover line."

Highly Commended: Idealog, March/April 2013; New Zealand Doctor, August 2013

Celebrity & Women's Interest
Winner: New Zealand Weddings, Planner​ 2013

"The designer took a risk with a bold, uncluttered cover and two foils that delivered commercial success.”

Highly Commended: Australian Women's Weekly, October 2014

Winner: Cuisine, May 2013​

"A cover concept that drew the reader in, got cut through, and delivered strong retail results in a cluttered category; plus an innovative subscriber-only version."

Highly Commended: Good, January/February 2014

News & Current Affairs

Winner: New Zealand Listener, May 4 2013​

"Strong image directly linked to a compelling cover line and proven commercial success."

Best Photography

Celebrity & Women's Interest
Winner: New Zealand Weddings, Love at Veronica Bay, Autumn 2013

“The style and setting of this spread perfectly matched the vintage nostalgic subject, without relying on cliché filters. This entry had great flow throughout the whole feature with good use of smaller details in the layout.”

Winner: Dish, Fabulous Fungi, June/July 2013

“An obviously well planned and executed spread using a great combination of text and very high standard of photography."

News & Current Affairs
Winner: New Zealand Geographic,Treasure Islands, July/August 2013

“Typically high standards that we expect from NZ Geographic.  A generous twenty pages presented a true visual representation of the subject.”

Best Publishing Innovation

Winner: New Zealand Weddings, Fashion Week Experience 2013

"A multi-dimensional initiative that brought the magazine to life, engaged with its audience and advertisers, and delivered an exceptional return on investment"

Highly CommendedPro Photographer, Pro App

Sales Excellence

Winner: Elaine Millar, Fairfax Media

"A fantastic example of a salesperson working closely with her editor to launch a brand new initiative with no certainty of outcome in an incredibly crowded category. An outstanding result: 350 entries and 10 ongoing sponsors while still growing run-of-magazine ad sales."

Highly Commended: Krista Rostenberg, Bauer Media

Most Creative Commercial Use of Magazines

Winner: Telecom, Dynamo & Rip It Up/Groove Guide, #freethemusic

​"A brilliant example of how magazines can partner up with technology in a brutally interactive fashion. When you see this idea you want to try it."

Best Marketing Campaign

Winner: New Zealand Geographic, Photographer of the Year 2013 event

"An exceptional integrated marketing campaign, with national reach, impressive results and an innovative funding model."