New-look Circulation Measure Announced

The MPA – as the industry body for magazine publishers - has decided to move away from the old ABC circulation measurement system, and focus its investment on metrics that show total magazine brand touchpoints and audience engagement.

Neon: Magazine testcase

In a test case of magazine creativity and effectiveness, 21 MPA member magazines are running a bold campaign for streaming service NEON. The campaign - to roll out between December and March - is the brainchild of Special Group agency, who have worked with the MPA to bring it to life. It uses magazines almost exclusively to get its message across, and is designed to showcase the strengths and potential of magazines. .

Are we doing enough to attract top talent to magazines?

The MPA asked itself that question at its planning session this year – and the answer was “probably not.” Since then, we’ve talked to staff at AUT’s Communications Studies programme and at the Media Design School, who confirm that fewer students are doing journalism (or editorial design). Students are attracted to the content of magazines, and to their editorial polish, but many don’t think of them when it comes to job selection. To help turn that around, the MPA is planning a simple, flexible web-based work experience programme to match students with magazines, and build their awareness of career opportunities and industry contacts.