Test case showcases magazine effectiveness

4 Jun

The results are in – and the MPA’s test case ad campaign for streaming service NEON proves the exceptional cut-through and engagement magazines can offer advertisers.

The campaign used magazines almost exclusively to get its message across, in a clever creative which asked readers to bring a NEON ad to life by shining their cell phone torch on the back  of the page.

Sixty percent of readers who had read a magazine with the ad remembered seeing it –  and 35 per cent of them actually got out their phone and interacted with the ad.

Importantly for the client, 23 per cent of readers took some form of action after seeing the ad.

The campaign, which ran in 21 MPA member magazines between December and March, was the brainchild of Special Group agency, who worked with the MPA to bring it to life.

The Bauer research team worked with NEON to measure the impact of the campaign with a survey sent out via BPA magazine brand channels. The survey had 1241 responses, with 73 per cent of respondents having read specific issues in which the NEON ad appeared.

Other results were:

  • 45 per cent thought the ad was creatively appealing
  • Nearly 1 in 3 agreed NEON had a wide range of content on offer
  • 23 per cent thought the NEON offer was appealing.