2017 Magazine Media Awards Winners

Best Magazine


Winner: Nadia - Bauer Media

An innovative new entry that ticks all of the boxes. Launching a magazine around a single influential individual is a bold move - but one that is rapidly paying off. Full marks for editorial vision, journalistic craft and a smart business and distribution model.


Winner: NZ Gardener - Fairfax Media

Another tight category. NZ Gardener is innovative in the ways it connects with audiences. We were particularly impressed by their 62% growth in sale of their one-shot publications. 

Highly Commended: New Zealand Weddings - Tangible Media 


Winner: New Zealand Geographic - K?whai Media 

NZ Geographic is a remarkable success story, built on a true commitment to quality and innovation in all areas. Judges particularly admired the offensive mindset that sees it pushing into new areas like VR production and broad partnerships within government and other institutions. 


Winner: Healthy Food Guide - Healthy Life Media Ltd

Healthy Food Guide clearly dominates its category in the traditional way and is now extending its footprint via Health TV into the health sector. Judges admired the teams ongoing commitment to providing nutritional information for every recipe.

Highly Commended: NZ House and Garden - Fairfax Media


Winner: NZ Marketing - Tangible Media 

This was a tough-fought category with three publications all catering well to very different audiences. In the end NZ Marketing stood out for its commercially successful new model and its attention to quality craft. 


Winner: Nadia - Bauer Media

To have such substantial subscription success in such a short amount of time is a remarkable achievement. The Nadia launch demonstrates the power of magazines to leverage influence. Great distribution model. 

Highly Commended: NZ Life & Leisure - Lifestyle Magazine Group 

Best Editor


Winner: Damien Venuto - NZ Marketing/ StopPress - Tangible Media

Well done, Damien – this editor has done an excellent job of taking a title down in frequency but up in interest and compelling content. He’s given the title personality and taken ricks, making a potentially dry topic engaging.


Winner: Jo McCarroll - NZ Gardener - Fairfax Media

This was a unanimous decision – here is a textbook example of a modern editor. She’s highly engaged with her readership, innovative in creating new revenue streams and re-inventing content in a traditional category.    


Winner: Pamela Stirling - New Zealand Listener - Bauer Media 

In a world of fake news, this editor has had some standout successes, which has seen her audience grow, in particular the coverage of the US elections. This magazine sets the agenda, regularly for the political and social discussion in New Zealand.

Highly Commended: Jeremy Hansen - Paperboy - Bauer Media


Winner: Sally Duggan - NZ House & Garden - Fairfax Media 

This was a highly competitive category with major success by both finalists. In the end, Sally Duggan showed exceptional ability to succeed in the digital, real-world and print spaces; expanding the 360 footprints of her title.

Highly Commended: Shelley Ferguson - Nadia, Your Home and Garden & Taste - Bauer Media 


Winner: Damien Venuto - NZ Marketing/StopPress - Tangible Media

Well done, Damien – this editor has done an excellent job of taking a title down in frequency but up in interest and compelling content. He’s given the title personality and taken ricks, making a potentially dry topic engaging.


Winner: Sido Kitchin - Woman's Day - Bauer Media

It’s hard to go to past the commercial successes of this entry. In a challenging market for all, the mass market weekly category is arguably the toughest; and this editor has done a great job of navigating that space with excellent results.

Best Journalist


Winner: Rebecca Hayter - Wilderness & Boating New Zealand

Rebecca Hayter demonstrates an ability to transport the reader to the New Zealand wilderness and clearly has a passion for her subject matter. Her passion unravels the complexity to get the emotional core of a story.

Highly Commended: Rebecca Hayter - Boating New Zealand 


Winner: Donna Chisholm - North & South and New Zealand Listener - Bauer Media 

Donna Chisholm is a consummate magazine journalist who displays both substance and style in her writing. Her articles are always engaging and compel the reader through to the black dot at the end. 


Winner: Alice Neville - Cuisine - Fairfax Media 

Alice Neville takes culinary writing beyond the kitchen to appeal to a more varied reader palate. She avoids a formulaic approach and uses an impressive range of writing styles to illuminate her subject matter. ?


Winner: Elly Strang - NZ Retail Magazine & Idealog - Tangible Media 

Elly Strang displays an impressive ability to collect a wide range of intuition and viewpoints and translate that into engaging and insightful journalism. Her fresh perspective shines a light on the realities of modern retail. 


Winner: Clair McCall - NZ Life & Leisure - Lifestyle Magazine Group

Claire McCall displays a sophisticated use of language that takes the reader right into the story. She clearly understands her discerning target readership extremely well.

Best Columnist



Winner: Polly Greeks - NZ Life & Leisure - Lifestyle Magazine Group 

The tone of Greek's columns are so delicately balanced between earnestness and irony that they become a delight to read. Great descriptions, great use of language, and useful stuff for lifestyle readers. We loved the dead horse column. The realities of the good life! Hard to write about this stuff successfully but she does it


Winner: James Robins - New Zealand Listener - Bauer Media 

James has an exceptional ability to weave the film into our lives as well as our lives into the film. Deeply analytical without being academic and boring. Film criticism has so much to offer and one remembers that reading James Robins?.

Best Designer


Winner: Hannah Lawless - Together Journal - Kenyon Enterprises

Modern, edgy and not afraid to break from tradition. Hannah has a perfect understanding of consistency and has a wonderful understanding of restraint. 


Winner: Yifan (Wade) Wu - Idealog - Tangible Media

Wade sets the tone of the image from the cover with well thought out concepts. Wade is engaged in responsive design that compliments the content. 


Winner: Juliette Wanty - homestyle - The Pluto Group

Juliette has a comprehensive understanding of her audience. Her creative input is clear, from concept to completion, helping maintain a consistent aesthetic.


Winner: Yifan (Wade) Wu - NZ Marketing/StopPress - Tangible Media

A clean and lively design - a designer who does not conform to industry stereotypes. He understands balance between editorial and good design, which invigorates informative content.


Winner: Lisa Lodge - Good - Tangible Media 

Lisa has a cohesive vision throughout and clearly knows her audience. Her personal touches to the magazine provide a whimsical tone with use of illustration and  colour palette .

Best Cover



Winner: June/July 2016 - Little Treasures - Tangible Media 

An eye-catching concept which is well-executed and cohesive.


Winner: January/February 2017 - New Zealand Geographic - K?whai Media

A combination of stunning photography & typography comes together for a striking cover that has resulted in the highest sales on record.

Highly Commended: Winter 2016 - Idealog - Tangible Media 


Winner:  August/September 2016 - Home New Zealand - Bauer Media

Evocative imagery underpinned this worthy winner in a strongly-contested category?.

Highly Commended: September 2016 - Cuisine - Fairfax Media 


Winner: July 2016 - Dairy Exporter - NZ Farm Life Media

The judges applaud the magazine's desire to develop and execute a concept rather than falling into a cliché.


Winner: Launch Issue - Miss FQ - Bauer Media 

The overall standard was good. Thinking about marketing and distribution in new ways. 

Best Photographer


Winner: Danelle Bohane - Together Journal - Kenyon Enterprises

This was a difficult category to judge because of the rich variety of subject matter. However, Danelle Bohane's desert wedding shoot stood out. Regardless of the location she always succeeds in creating evocative and emotional imagery that lingers in the memory.


Winner: Richard Robinson - New Zealand Geographic - K?whai

This is not the first time that Richard Robinson's work has been our top choice. His photography is consistently of international quality and he is constantly finding new ways to explore his subject matter and create exceptional images. His commitment to his craft is exceptional. 

Best Publishing Innovation/Brand Extension

Winner: homestyle Spatial Design - for F-A-B-R-I-C of Onehunga - homestyle - The Pluto Group 

This entry was the clear winner in the category. It’s a brilliant example of extending the skill of the editorial team beyond the page to deliver a strong commercial result. It was a collaborative approach that shows how the magazine industry continues to play a central role in connecting consumers with New Zealand businesses. ?

Best Magazine Media Salesperson/Sales Team


Winner: Rachel McLean - Sales Manager - Australian Market & Women's Weekly / Lifestyle New Zealand - Bauer Media

The winner has taken the challenge of working trans-Tasman from a weakness and turned it into a strength through a unique and compelling sales approach.

Highly Commended: Nicola Saunders - Home New Zealand, Simply You Living, Homes to Love - Bauer Media 


Winner: Guy Slater - New Zealand Listener, Metro, Paperboy, Noted.co.nz - Bauer Media 

The winner demonstrates true commercial acumen through a strategic sales approach that  delivers long term value and results for clients and the business. The winner has created a new model that has been marketed and replicated across the business. Impressive growth through a combination of new business and platforms alongside established properties.

Highly Commended: Krista Rostenberg - KiaOra Magazine - Bauer Media 

Best Owned Media

Winner: Air New Zealand's Inflight Magazine - KiaOra - Bauer Media 

KiaOra has strong evidence of reader engagement and satisfaction which was also reflected by their increase in readership/ with quality editorial that entertains, inspires and informs, clearly aligned with the clients brand objectives. Its commercial success is outstanding. 

Best Retail/Subscription Campaign

Winner: Nadia Subscriptions Launch Campaign - Nadia - Bauer Media

An extensive and well-executed campaign, that leveraged owned assets & Nadia's channels. The campaign cleverly targeted potential subscribers to achieve outstanding results.

Best Rising Brand

Winner: Paperboy - Bauer Media

Bauer made a gutsy move in creating a magazine for an audience that no longer consumed magazines. It’s paid off and the rising brand that is Paperboy has quickly integrated itself into Auckland culture with smart content and an innovative distribution strategy. Credit must also go to Bauer for taking ricks and introducing a number of fresh brands that would all have been deserving winners.  

Highly Commended: Miss FQ - Bauer Media

Lifetime Achievement Award

The 2017 Lifetime Achievement Award recipient is John Baker

One of the publishing industry’s captains, Tangible Media CEO John Baker, won the prestigious LifeTime Achievement Award for outstanding services to the media. “John has made a decades-long contribution to the industry that has helped drive and, at times, re-invent the shape of our market presence, conversations and success,” said the judges. “He has clearly been a big part of MPA strategy and of numerous committees over the years.”

Best use of Insights

Winner: Xero - Life Beyond Business - Bauer Insights Team - Bauer Media

It put the consumer at the least of the challenge. The winner identified the correct media usage for the execution of the task. This is well though out research approach to identify key pain points fro the audience. 

Best use of Video or Audio

Winner: Holden Carversations - Paperboy, Fashion Quarterly, Miss FQ, Taste - Media Collective @ Bauer Media

What stood out for us was the Holden Carversations campaign which best achieved these varied, and sometimes competing, elements. There was a strong overarching idea which was well executed and the campaign engaged well with its varied audiences.

The Gordon & Gotch Exceptional Retail Sales Award

Winner: Richie & Gemma the Wedding of our Dreams - Woman's Day - Bauer Media 

The MPA Award for Excellence in Magazine Retailing

Winner: Relay

The retail channel is of significance to most publishers in the room this evening.  Consequently the MPA would like to recognise a retail chain  for Excellence in Magazine Retailing.
The winning retailer continues to innovate to grow magazine sales; demonstrates excellence in the execution of promotions and display; and has the highest sales growth for magazines. ?

Rising Star


Winner: Georgia Bramley - Bauer Digital Team - Bauer Media

To be looking after the Bauer video team at such a young age is a big responsibility. But Georgia also manages to be productive by seeking out editoral and commercial opportunities and pitching them. She sees the video business and identifies opportunities within. 


Winner: David Owen - Insights IQ - Bauer Media 

This was a standout performer whose analytical skills made a tangible difference to the implementation value of the campaign with a clear voice. He is described as the blind sided flanker of his team.

Best Digital Brand

Winner: Homes to Love - Bauer Media 

From a standing start Homes to Love has built scale really quickly and is a great example of using content from multiple magazines in an effective manner with its own brand identity. The site has a strong design aspect which has been executed with user experience in mind. They have built a strong social media presence, featuring great post cadence and audience engagement. Homes to Love is showing strong audience growth. It is trajectory and has driven commercial success through a diverse range of partnership revenue. 

Best Content Marketing Campaign

Winner: Style Your Space (For Città) - homestyle - The Pluto Group

?Ticks all of the boxes of the judging criteria. There is a really great brand alignment between publishers and client. Style Your Space is beautifully executed and has achieved demonsrable commercial success.  

Highly Commended: Xero - Life Beyond Business - NZ Listener, North & South, KiaOra, Next - The Media Collective @ Bauer Media 

Best Magazine 360°

Winner: Fashion Quarterly - 360 Storytelling - Fashion Quarterly, Miss FQ, FQ Life, FQ.co.nz, MissFQ.co.nz - Bauer Media 

FQ has demonstrated their leadership and influence in the fashion category. They showed smart, brave, strategic thinking and demonstrated tangible financial success. FQ is a great example of a 360° approach to publishing.