PressReader C3

Sept. 15, 2015

Join Nikolav Malvarov and Steve Chapman from PressReader for an afternoon of insight and commentary sharing the visions and strategies of leading publishers from across the globe. Through multiple case studies and partner examples, we will explore what these leading publishers and partners are doing to help publishers like you capitalise on the latest trends, innovations and opportunities in digital publishing and distribution.

This event is free to MPA members. Spaces are limited - email [email protected] to reserve your place. 

Non-Traditional Partnership Models and How Publishers Can Capitalise
What would have been considered ridiculous 5 years ago, new non-traditional partnership models between industries and organisations are providing unique opportunities to publishers for growth and discoverability. Learn how these unconventional partnerships, such as PressReader’s recent partnership with Qantas Airways, can help publishers discover new audiences, verticals, and revenues.

Discussion:  Editorial
In this interactive session, discuss the changes editorial is facing in light of consumer’s perception of content over brand, preference for print or digital, and the blurring lines being seen with advertorial content.  Where is content going, what changes do you expect, and how will you monetise these changes?

Diversifying your Offering and Leading on a Local Level: How Publishers OWN Their Growing Communities
Learn about the importance of being everywhere and why this is a significant factor to success.  Understand how diversifying your distribution strategy can drive growth in circulation, audience and revenue both domestically and abroad in some cases.  Hear about newspaper publishers HNA (Germany) and Albuquerque Journal (United States), as well as magazine powerhouse Future Publishing (UK, US, Australia) in their quest to own their home markets and expand into new territories with unique offerings.

Discussion:  Digital
Engage on topics such as big data, the traction of your digital product, and differentiating your brand in a digital world. Is that differentiation relevant, or is content king? 

The most important “C” is canapés!  After an afternoon of discussion and knowledge sharing, enjoy canapés, wine and beer while networking with MPA members and the team from PressReader. 

The MPA has recently welcomed PressReader as a sponsor. With a presence at all major global industry events, we are excited to have PressReader as MPA NZ’s window to the publishing world; sharing international trends, best practices and other insights that we have no doubt will be of great value to all of our members.

PressReader focuses on helping publishers grow, presenting new opportunities around content distribution and content publishing solutions. This offers food for thought and an opportunity for hearty discussion as to how our local industry can meet the ever changing needs of our audiences.