2019 Magazine Conference - Thinking Forward

July 11, 2019

  • Hear the latest, hottest media and mag trends and news from an industry creative.
  • Stress and wellbeing in our industry: tips from a wellness coach.
  • The allure of little: small success stories
  • Selling the strengths of magazines in a crowded media world
  • What’s up with our readers? Latest data insights.

Don’t miss out on the MPA’s afternoon of inspiration and networking. Our conference this year brings together some great speakers, with international and local stories that will educate you, provoke you – and give you some useful tools for the year ahead.

Date: Thursday 11 July

Time: 12pm - 6pm

Location: Orakei Bay, Auckland

Speakers include

Kevin Malloy: 

Media high-flyer Kevin Malloy has held a multitude of international agency roles, including looking after the  Coca-Cola brand globally during his time with Starcom MediaVest. He’s just back from the cutting edge SXSW interactive, futures conference and ready to share insights on 'what's next' in the communications world and the role magazine brands are likely to play.  

Kellie Northwood:  

The CEO of The Real Media Collective in Australia shares insights into marketing the strengths of magazine brands in a noisy media world.   

Elly Strang:

Editor of Idealog, and wellbeing coach Jen Young have researched stress in the creative industries. They share insights on  how to look after your staff – and yourself.  

Greta Kenyon, Jenna Todd and John Baker:

An editor, retailer and media expert  explore the growing appeal of boutique businesses.    

Nick Whitehead:

What's happening to our readers? From Nielsen NZ, Nick Whitehead talks about changes in attitudes, behaviour and the way we live. 

A further speaker is still being confirmed. Updates to follow. 

Tickets to the conference are $175 per person or $750 for five (MPA Member price only), and include a refreshments before and during the conference, and a networking session afterwards.  If you are not an MPA member please contact Jessica Malcolm for non-member tickets.