2016 Magazine Conference

May 26, 2016

One of the top 10 phrases of corporate bingo, what exactly is “convergence” in a media context? How will it affect magazine media businesses in the future and what opportunities does this present?

Clients are creating their own media, publishers are becoming agencies, agencies are becoming “Content” experts, PR is challenged and everyone is becoming a digital broadcaster.

In an era where the deployment of content is rapidly converging on to mobile devices led by video is there a future for traditional editorial content and journalism? How does this impact e-retailing as content and commercial collide? Advertising sales people need to think like editors, editors need to act commercially and everyone is a marketer as the Church and State converge.

The conference will explore these themes and many others. A must do for anyone in media. 

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Evolution Solutions - Jane Hastings, Former CEO, NZME

Learn from the media industry’s leaders, and discover if convergence can be a stepping stone to success.

NZME is leading New Zealand’s media industry with the integration of a unique mix of assets. As New Zealand’s magazine industry considers if and how to evolve their businesses, Jane will explain what can we learn from NZME’s experience and vision. How can we take international inspiration and evolve it to fit our needs? And what goals and cultural change should we consider in order to empower success? 

Learn more about Jane here.

Growing Your Own - Simon Coley, Founder/Director, All Good Organics

Discover the emerging trend of brand-owned media channels, and what they mean for magazine media consumption.

Simon’s most recent venture is a striking – and successful – example of brand as media owner. All Good Organics has grown rapidly and been remarkably successful in the developing high value market of the ‘conscious consumer’. All of this has been done with little or no investment in traditional advertising, as Simon’s team created their own media channels and customer dialogue based on beautifully crafted, authentic content. Discover why and how they took this approach.   

Learn more about Simon here.

Reading the Future - James Hurman, Founder, Previously Unavailable

Exploring the post-convergence magazine media world of 2025.

James Hurman is one of New Zealand’s most recognised creative thinkers, and spends most of his time working with clients that have one foot in the future and one in the present. Listen and learn as James takes a look at the potential world of 2025, and considers the role magazine media might play.

Learn more about James here.

A Way with Words - Chris Lamers, Chief Marketing and Strategy Officer, Sovereign Insurance

In a world increasingly ruled by reporting, analytics and data, does content still have the last word?

Chris knows all about successful brand relaunches, having worked on plenty – most recently with Sovereign Insurance, as they transform how insurance companies engage with their audiences. Chris and his team use a broad mix of platforms, backed by research and customer analytics. But in a world where content is king, is it Chris’s background in journalism that gives him the leading edge?

Find out more about Chris here.

It’s All Coming Together - Romney Whitehead, Former Head of Publishing Platforms, NET-A-PORTER

Convergence is coming – should we embrace the change, or brace for impact?

With five years at the NET-A-PORTER group and nine before that at BBC Worldwide, it would be hard to find someone with better experience in understanding how digital, print and social platforms converge as well as how media and retailing can combine. Romney will explore the journey from pure-play digital to print, explain the role that content plays in demand creation, and describe the capacity for technology to act as an enabler.

Learn more about Romney here.

Panel “Discussing Convergence”

A panel of experts explores convergence – what it means to them, what it may mean for the magazine industry, and what meaningful actions we can take. 

  • Paul Dykzeul – CEO, Bauer Media
  • John Baker – CEO/Director, Content Marketing, Tangible Media
  • Duncan Grieve – Editor/Publisher, The Spinoff
  • Romney Whitehead – Ex Head of Publishing Platforms, NET-A-PORTER

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