2015 Magazine Conference

June 25, 2015


A not-to-be-missed event for anybody interested in the challenges and opportunities shaking up the media world today – and those still to come when the dust settles.

Thursday 25th June 2015

8.45am - 5.00pm (with networking drinks to follow)

Auckland War Memorial Museum Auditorium

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Surviving and Thriving – Retail & shopper insights

Juanita Neville-Te Rito, Hotfoot

In many respects, magazines suffer from the same prejudice that traditional retailers combat every day as a result of digital disruption.

According to many, we’re legacy businesses.

While there can be no doubt that consumer expectations and channel fragmentation have forced seismic change, it’s also true that consumers are not abandoning traditional media. In fact, we may even be witnessing a renaissance of investment in bricks and mortar retailing in addition to further investment in digital.

It’s all about the total customer experience – so what can we learn from retailers?

Being Right for the Times – Adapting to new tools and technologies

Jill Caldwell, Windshift

As long as there are humans, there will be knowledge and information [in the broadest sense of the word].

As long as there’s knowledge and information, there will be communities of interest who want to access it.

And as long as these communities exist, there will always be businesses, organisations and individuals that want to engage with them.

Discover what changes – and what doesn’t change – in the way people seek and use information to live their lives as they adopt new digital technologies. Then learn how to apply this knowledge to the opportunities and challenges facing the magazine publishing industry.

Months to Moments – Building communities through digital, social and experiential

Simon Tong, Fairfax Regional CEO

Hearst Magazine’s mantra “months to moments” encapsulates the shift in thinking currently taking over at Fairfax NZ.

Arguably the first large publisher in the country to actively embrace digital, social and experiential; the brand continues to go from strength to strength. When each engagement generates audience data, the right approach offers formidable levels of leverage and optimisation.

Learn from CEO Simon Tong about the opportunities offered by digital, social and experiencial to enhance brand engagement, create new monetisation initiatives, and connect (or re-connect) with audiences.

King Hits – Content marketing that delivers business impact

Hamish Hutton, Marketing & Communications Manager at MyMilk (Ex Tait Communications)

How did Tait Electronics gain their reputation as a global thought leader in radio communications? The answer may surprise you.

It’s a story about an impossible task – taking on industry heavyweight Motorola on their hometown turf in the US.

It’s a saga of true Kiwi determination – getting cut-through, building awareness, generating leads and dominating sales against all odds.

But most of all, it’s a lesson that there’s no substitute for well-crafted, relevant content paired with the ability of print to deliver credibility.  

Feeling Content – An introduction to content marketing

Lauren Quaintance, Storyation

It’s been the biggest global buzzword around for the past few years – but what is Content Marketing really all about? And what is ‘content’ anyway? Is it just another name for advertising?

Join the conversation and begin discovering the answers for yourself. Learn why magazine publishers are currently in a great position for success. Understand how to take advantage of budding opportunities (and minimise new threats). Examine whether agencies are capable of understanding – or whether content marketing should be a direct-to-client proposition.

In short – see what all the buzz is about!

Expert Panel - Discussing Disruption

James Frankham (Kowhai Media), Brendon Hill (Bauer Media), Vincent Heeringa (Tangible Media) and Lauren Quaintance (Storyation)

Simon Wilson, editor of Metro, will moderate a panel discussion on the subjects explored and issues raised during the day. Bring your questions!