What does level 4 mean for magazines?

Weird times!

Here’s the latest on the Covid-19 news affecting publishers, as we understand it so far.

Things may, of course, change again at any time.

  • Printers Webstar, Ovato Print and ICG have all indicated that they consider themselves essential industries and will continue operating in some capacity. What is unclear is whether they will still be able to print all magazines, or just those that are deemed essential.
  • Stuff and Bauer are currently working on the assumption that their magazines qualify as essential industries and so can keep publishing. 
  • The MPA has written a letter saying that magazines generally should be considered essential as they are trusted news sources, and important for the well being of self-isolating people. We will send this to MBIE (Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment).
  • Tony Edwards, from Ovato Retail, says he feels magazine distribution will also continue, but adds “our big challenge is working out which retailers are remaining open. The only absolute we have is supermarkets, and probably most service stations.”
  • NZ Post is classed as an essential service and at the moment is continuing to operate its mail and courier services as normal. NZ Post’s GM- Mail, Matt Geor, says some question does remain over whether all magazines qualify as essential services or not, and thus whether they can all continue to be delivered during the Level 4 lockdown: “it could go either way.”

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