Caroline Atford of Nielsen

Monday March 23

You're changing the way you measure readership. Why?
Nielsen measures magazine readership using a mixture of different research approaches. Every three months, we interview 10,000 people throughout the country: some on the telephone ; some in recruited panels; and some (around 1500) face to face in their own homes.

With the Covid pandemic, we have made the decision to drop the face to face interviews. This is in line with Research Association advice. The interviews are over 15 minutes, and provide a chance of cross contamination. As they are done door-to-door we don’t know in advance what the health status of the household is.

We’ll make up the numbers with more telephone and panel interviews.

We’re expecting, in these unusual times, to get some rather different readership results, because people’s habits are changing. We’re already seeing a significatn increase in TV viewing as people begin to stay home more. It’s possible their magazine readership may increase as well.