11 hours a day on Zoom

Steve Chapman describes himself as a “global relationship builder”.

As the Vice President of content partnerships at PressReader he travels the world brokering deals with some of the world’s largest media companies – or he did until Covid-19.

These days he spends 9 to 11 hours a day on Zoom from his home in Vancouver, Canada.  It’s not the same, he says. “I’ve been grounded for five weeks, and missed two trips. You lose that ability to just sit and chat in person … and it makes it harder to close deals.”

PressReader is a digital newsstand that gives you online access to more than 7000 of the world’s top newspapers and magazines, and Steve’s job is to work with the media companies that provide the content.

As a global media networker, Steve has observed the impact of Covid-19 on magazines worldwide. “We’re seeing some delays, and merged issues and so on, but magazines are still coming out.”

Those hardest hit are the ones that service a niche closed down by the pandemic – weddings and sport magazines, for example. News media with paywalls are often choosing to make Covid-19 content free, and grow audience.

He sees it as a good opportunity for brands to try different ways of engaging with their audience – through podcasts, video etc – so that their brands remain at the forefront of readers’ minds, and bounce back quickly after the pandemic resolves.

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