Talking-point covers

Vintage magazines make the best conversation starters at  parties, says Christopher Barnard in New York magazine’s The Strategist.  He recommends buying a few iconic issues – like the Vanity Fair with pregnant Demi Moore, or Time magazines’ 1996 issue with Ellen DeGeneres declaring “Yep I’m Gay”.  

Which started us thinking about the NZ’s iconic vintage covers. Here’s a few that got lots of mention – for different reasons.

Cuisine’s Apple cover…. and that Christmas cover. Cuisine has a rep for clever food covers, and the one that most people remember – mainly for the “how did they do it” factor – is the apple peel one.


Their Christmas cover, however, was famous less for its artistry than for the controversy it sparked. For obvious reasons.       

In terms of Big Story impact Metro’s Unfortunate Experiment was a stand out.

And, just for its pure 70s chutzpah, there was this one from North & South.