Sarah Tuck takes over at dish

What skills do you bring to Dish?

I spent eight years at Bauer (then ACP), in advertising sales management so have a solid understanding of magazines. I have worked as a food writer and recipe developer, stylist and photographer for the last five years and have plenty of writing experience. 

You’re light on formal qualifications (journalism and food). Do you see that being a problem?

I don’t believe so. Despite not having any formal qualifications I have been writing in one way or another for many years – with my blog (Stuck in the Kitchen), as well as travel and food features.  I self-published my first cookbook in 2017, and have another in the works. I am joining a slick team with an incredibly experienced food editor, Claire Aldous, and sub editor Maria Hoyle, who is also an accomplished feature writer.

What’s happening in the food world?

The biggest thing is the rise and rise of vegetarianism and veganism: it is more a new way of eating than just a trend. We’re seeing more research into meat substitutes and ‘manufactured’ meat and more meat-eaters are choosing quality – ethically and sustainably raised meat and fish –  over cheaper options. We’re also seeing more great tasting no-alcohol and low-alcohol beverages, and boutique spirits with a focus on sophisticated, interesting flavours.

 What are your plans for Dish?

Imagery has always been incredibly important and I expect that the look of dish will be a real focus for me. It will be a joy to both contribute and learn more in my new role.