12 top revenue-generating ideas

OK, they’re not new… but it’s always worth knowing what’s working for other publishers. The latest Innovation Report from John Wilpers (keynote speaker from the MPA’s 2018 conference) identifies the dozen best media business strategies for growing revenue. They are:

  1. Reader revenue (subscriptions and paywalls)
  2. Paid content (branded and native)
  3. Ad supported
  4. Philanthropy supported
  5. Retailer (ecommerce as well as bricks and mortar)
  6. Events purveyor
  7. Membership organisation
  8. IT provider
  9. Agency
  10. Data broker
  11. Brand licenser
  12. Investor 

The full report, which costs $241 (print or digital) examines the options and looks at who’s doing them well around the world. It also looks at media tech, blockchain and offbeat innovations