New MPA member - Junction Magazine

The latest MPA recruit is Bianca Howlett, founding editor of Junction magazine, a rather handsome free monthly magazine focused on the Matakana Coast north of Auckland.     

You started Junction magazine four years ago. Why?

I had just come back from overseas with my family. Discovering the gems of Matakana inspired me to start a magazine that would help promote the area and its local businesses set in a style and format fitting of the Matakana brand.

You’ve got two young kids and a small team. How do you cope with the stress of a monthly magazine?

I’m probably not the best to offer advice about stress, but I find making lists crucial. Having a reliable and supportive team always helps.

What are you most proud of?

Place and impact on the community is probably what I’m most proud of. Junction has become a staple in Matakana life, and we receive positive comments consistently. We’ve started and run four annual Junction Award Dinners recognising the achievements of local businesses. And started and run three Oyster Festivals – this year bringing $240,000 into the local economy.

My biggest bugbear is probably managing advertisers’ value of print, its very common for them to expect extras such as editorials, product placements and social media posts for free.

Got an insider secret about Matakana?

 It probably won’t be a secret for long but the best place to grab a coffee is the new Roastery in Matakana Village.