Neon: Magazine testcase

In a test case of magazine creativity and effectiveness, 21 MPA member magazines are running a bold campaign for streaming service NEON.

The campaign - to roll out between December and March -  is the brainchild of Special Group agency, who have worked with the MPA to bring it to life. It uses magazines almost exclusively to get its message across, and is designed to  showcase the strengths and potential of magazines. .

Creative for the campaign runs over two consecutive left hand pages. On the first - a plain instructional page with no Neon branding - readers are asked to switch on the torch on their cell phone, lay it on a spot on the page, then turn the page. The second page has a bright full-colour ad for various NEON content (as pictured).... situated so that the light shines through to an appropriate place in the image (eyes, the tip of a wand etc).  

The Bauer research team will work with NEON to measure the impact of the campaign, tracking codes to measure key metrics, and using reader panels to gauge feedback. Results will be shared with MPA members, who it is hoped will to use them as a “good news” magazine story in advertiser presentations and similar.

The ad asks readers to sign up with NEON and get a free month, using the code LIGHTUP9GR (so if you want to help the cause, do just that!)