MultiMail - an alternative to magazine wrap

It was one of those pesky stickers on his apple that gave Steve Watson the idea.

The owner of the print finishing business MultiMail had been thinking for some time about replacements for plastic flow wrap used on magazines, catalogues and direct mail.

Now, eating lunch at his Mt Wellington based factory, he pulled the sticker off his apple with the little tab on the edge  and wondered if somehow, that might be an answer.

So started a two-year development process, driven by Steve and his offsider, Matt Jarvis, which has resulted in lateral part-solution to the gnarly flow-wrap dilemma that is exercising many MPA members.

Their idea is to leave the item unwrapped, but to apply an easily removable paper label to the 3 open edges of the book to keep it closed.


Matt and Steve admit that their idea has limitations: it won’t keep your magazine dry in the rain, and so far they only have NZPost approval for smallish magazines and  other items: up to 200gms and 4mm thick. NZ Post is now doing trials of the system on thicker and heavier magazines.  Cost-wise, Steve says   the  system comes somewhere in between plastic flow wrap and compostable wrap: magazines would have to be transported to MulitMail after printing to have the labels applied.  

For these reasons it’s probably not a system that most lifestyle  magazines are going to embrace right now, admits Matt. But he thinks it might work for some MPA member mailings – smaller trade publications, catalogues and the like. “And we’ll keep developing it. If there’s some improvement that someone asks for, we’ll do our best to deliver it.”

The name of the innovation is still under debate.  Matt’s a fan of Naked Mailing. Steve has his reservations: “Just try googling Naked Mailing and see what you get….”

Matt Jarvis (left) and Steve Watson.