Reduce NZ Post Price Increase with Free Data Cleaning & SOA Certification


NZ Post Price Increase Implications on MPA Publishers

NZ Post notified the MPA and publishers of a significant price increase in the Print Post pricing effective from 1st July 2018.

The impact of the Print Post price increase varies significantly across publishers ranging from 15% to 30%.

NZ Post has advised that all discounting will be removed, including the MPA bulk mail discount of 4%.

How Print Post New Pricing Structure Works

The new pricing structure and discounting will be based around the following:

Magazine Lodgement Quantity

The number of items lodged (˃1,000, ˃20,000, ˃50,000 and ˃100,000 items)

Magazine Specifications

Magazine dimension, weight, and lodgement time

Statement of Accuracy (SOA) Percentage

NZ Post has adopted 4 SOA percentages (95%,90 - 94.99%, 80-89.99% and Price No SOA/below 80%

MPA Membership Provides Free Data Cleaning and SOA certification

NZ Post has agreed to provide MPA members free subscriber base cleaning and a SOA certification for one year based on the cleaned data. This will allow MPA publishers to potentially achieve a better SOA rating and hence better Print Post rate.

This offer provides each publisher with the best opportunity to reach the maximum SOA discount.

What Does This Offer Deliver to MPA Members?

Data Cleaning

The costs associated with data cleaning are $200 set up fee, plus $0.05 cents per record processed (+GST).

Statement of Accuracy (SOA) Certification $250 +GST.

Better SOA Delivers Better Print Post Rate to Publishers

The value of the NZ Post offer in providing a new improved SOA for 12 months is worth between $0.0194 to $0.0374 per unit lodged for MPA publishers based on a less-than- 20,000 lodgement.

How to Register for NZ Post Free Data Cleaning and SOA Certification

NZ Post have developed the following Step by Step Process to assist MPA publishers

STEP ONE: SFTP Uploading Subscriber Data Files

The following is a guide on how to UPLOAD large files that are sent by New Zealand Post to use the SFTP method

Please note: check your email for the username and password or contact us at the MPA or 

Instructions Guide to Upload Subscriber files to NZ Post

Important Note:

Once you have completed the data upload, you will need to email the NZ Post Data Team ( to let them know your data is awaiting cleaning.

The Data Cleaning Process

NZ Post take the source data (to cleanse) and the first part of the process identifies any issues with the data (records that are 'failing'),
There is then a second run-through that fixes issues where NZ Post can (fix); then the SOA is run against the cleanses output.

STEP TWO: SFTP Downloading Subscriber Data Files Once Cleaned from NZ Post

The following is a guide on how to DOWNLOAD large files sent by New Zealand Post to publishers using the SFTP method

Instructions Guide to Downloading Cleaned Subscriber Files

All data Files need to be submitted to NZ Post by 7th June 2018:

If you have any queries, please don’t hesitate to contact

Michelle Cook 

New Zealand Post 

Strategic Account Manager


M: 027 288 7025