Request for Magazine Media Advertising Turnover Data for the 1st January – 31st December 2016

2016 New Zealand Media Advertising Turnover Report
Every year the media industry (TV, Radio, Newspapers, Magazines, Internet (Pure Play e.g. Facebook & Goggle etc.), Outdoors, Cinema, Addressed Mail and Unaddressed Mail) work together to provide an annual New Zealand advertising spend. This data provides invaluable information for advertisers and media stakeholders in estimating the total NZ market size and the breakdown by media type.  The MPA as the Independent industry body for the Magazine media industry has been tasked with collecting and collating magazine media advertising spend.

Why Magazine Media Publishers Should Fill In This Survey
It is critical for Magazines to gather the breadth of our advertising turnover across all our branded platforms to demonstrate the importance of magazine media in the media ecosystem. Magazine Media Advertising spend for 2015 was $210 million, which once again demonstrated the resilience of the magazine media category and the success publishers have had in building and commercialising properties across every available platform.

No Individual Company Data Will Be Shared
ALL data collected is treated as confidential and only used to provide the total Magazine media stats. No individual company data will be shared.

Magazine Media Advertising Turnover Definition
Magazine media advertising turnover is the total of all combined commercial (non circulation) revenue across all publications/platforms (print, digital, email newsletters, social platforms, experiential, one shot brand extensions, video and other)

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