The value of print, the evolution of publishing and the importance of data management

Porter magazine is often referenced as one of the best examples of content marketing and praised as a reminder that print has a place in the fragmented media landscape.

It’s a particularly significant publication because it spawned from the digital NET-A-PORTER brand in 2014 (well into the age of digital disruption), essentially shifting against the grain that most often sees brands moving from print to digital.

In only two years, the circulation of Porter magazine has expanded globally to 170,000 magazines, rivaling the numbers of Vogue.

Romney Whitehead, formerly the head of publishing platforms at Net-a-porter and part of the team that helped to launch the magazine, says that producing a high-end magazine wasn’t very difficult for the company and will be speaking at the 2016 Magazine Conference. 

Romney spoke to StopPress about her views on the future of publishing. See the full article here.

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