MPA Announces 2016 Magazine Media Awards

The 2016 Magazine Media Awards – celebrating excellence on and beyond the page.

Aiming to celebrate innovation and success across all magazine media, the 2016 Magazine Media Awards offers new categories, heavyweight judges, a simplified entry process – and the promise to continue to reflect a changing industry.

After a highly successful revamp of the Magazine Media Awards in 2015, the Magazine Publishers Association are proud to unveil a few exciting extras for the 2016 edition of the Awards.

Last year saw a 37% increase in entries, and a truly stunning standard of work right across the board following significant improvements to the entry process and the introduction of peer review judging.

For 2016, the MMAs have once again been revised to reflect the evolving face of the magazine industry. This includes a revision of some of the existing categories, plus five new awards to acknowledge the emerging multi-platform nature of magazines.

Click here for more details about the 2016 Magazine Media Awards and to register for entry. 

New categories include:

Rising Star

Awarded to the person new to the industry whose input has made the most impact on their team or publication. Nominees must have been in the magazine media industry more than 12 months but not longer than 36 months, and may be from any discipline.

Best Use of Video

Awarded to the Publisher/Magazine that has demonstrated the best utilisation of video content as a key or solo element in either an editorial or commercial context.

Best Use of Insights

Awarded to the best use of research and insights to deliver commercial gain. This category is designed to recognise smart thinking and sound strategy, and the solution can be on behalf of an advertising category, an individual advertiser, an individual magazine brand or a publisher.

Best Launch/Relaunch

Awarded to the best new magazine brand launch or to the best magazine brand relaunch.

Best Magazine 360° Brand Audience

Awarded to a magazine brand that demonstrates the vitality of their brand across the entire content ecosystem to connect with audiences via multiple platforms and touchpoints.

Entries close at 4pm on Friday 1st July 2016, and the winners will be announced amidst a backdrop of elegance and revelry on Thursday 8th September at the Auckland War Memorial Museum.

The MPA will be seeking to recognise those who have adapted to today’s age beyond the page – while valuing the exceptional and engaging storytelling will always form the basis of success in the industry.

The 2016 Magazine Media Awards
Proudly brought to you by the Magazine Publishers Association

Friday 1st July 2016 – entries close at 4pm.
Thursday 21st & Friday 22nd July – entries judged.
Tuesday 16th August – finalists announced and Gala Dinner tickets go on sale.
Thursday 8th September – winners announced at the Magazine Media Awards Gala Dinner at the Auckland War Memorial Museum.

Click here  for more details about the 2016 Magazine Media Awards and to register for entry.