Beyond the Page

The whir of the printing press is still welcomed across the industry as a symbol of another deadline met, but it no longer announces the downtime it once did. The online realm is a relentless and infinitely demanding beast that provides no limit to the number of columns that can be filled.

And while this has coincided with some significant challenges for the industry, it has also presented opportunities that previously didn’t exist. These days, the industry isn’t just about shifting paper. It’s about serving a community and it’s an ongoing conversation with that community through print, online, social and events.

This shift has been reflected in the MPA decision to this year include several awards categories at the revamped Magazine Media Awards that celebrate the way magazines are developing communities, creating new revenue streams and helping advertisers grow their business.

This year the MPA partnered with StopPress & NZ Marketing for a series of long form interviews showcasing some of the winners of the Magazine Media Awards.  Read the articles here.