The Magazine Award Categories

The Magazine Categories 

The magazine awards have been divided into the following categories

The Best Cover, Best Designer, Best Editor, Best Journalist, and Best Magazine awards are divided into the following 5 categories

Consumer Special Interest – Titles with an editorial focus on a specific subject (excluding Home & Food)

Current Affairs & Business – Titles with an editorial focus on current affairs or broad-based business topics

Home & Food – Titles with an editorial focus specifically on home or food

Industry & Trade - Titles with an editorial focus on specific types of business or profession

Lifestyle – Titles with a broad-based editorial focus on a range of lifestyle topics. Incorporating Mass Market Women’s – with a female-focused audience and/or editorial content with a celebrity or entertainment emphasis

The Best Columnist, Best Magazine Sales Person or Team, and Best Photographer awards are divided into the following 2 categories

Consumer – This includes all magazine brands in Consumer Special Interest, Home & Food, Lifestyle (including Women’s Mass Market)

Current Affairs & Trade – This includes Industry & Trade and Current Affairs & Business

The Rising Star Award is divided into 2 categories – Editorial and Commercial

All other awards have one category.

What category does my Magazine brand, or similar brand fit into?