James Hurman

James is Founder and Principal of Auckland innovation consultancy Previously Unavailable – the first company of its kind in New Zealand. Previously Unavailable works with many of the country’s leading corporate, public and start-up organisations, helping them create more successful product and customer experience innovations.

In 2013, James was named the world’s #1 advertising strategist, renowned globally for his successes with highly innovative and effective communications campaigns. He’s an energetic member of the Auckland business community, a trustee of the New Zealand Breast Cancer Foundation, and works with a number of public sector Auckland organisations focused on building Auckland’s future.

James regularly writes and speaks on innovation, and his 2011 book The Case for Creativity – which demonstrated the link between creativity and commercial success in business – was described by The Coca Cola Company as ‘beautiful words of wisdom’.

Reading the Future

Exploring the post-convergence magazine media world of 2025.

James Hurman is one of New Zealand’s most recognised creative thinkers, and spends most of his time working with clients that have one foot in the future and one in the present. Listen and learn as James takes a look at the potential world of 2025, and considers the role magazine media might play.

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