Group Sessions with Romney Whitehead

Digital Asset Management (DAM)

Thursday 2nd June, 8.30am - 12.30pm

This course will cover the basics behind the world of digital asset management, and give you the tools you need to assess your business requirements and decide if you need a system, the benefits of implementing DAM, the process and workflow behind it, and a high level strategy to work from.

  • Introduction to DAM
    • Covering what is DAM, what is a DAM system, and what is a digital asset; an introduction to the management, curation and repurposing of digital assets.
  • Business analysis and defining your DAM project
    • Auditing your digital assets and mapping your digital asset touchpoints and creating a successful business case
  • Taxonomy & Metadata
    • The data behind the digital asset and why it’s crucial to a DAMs success
  • Rights Management
    • Knowing what you can and cannot do with your content
  • DAM and ROI
    • Cost efficiencies by using DAM, and examples of possible revenue streams

Cost per person per session is $175, or attend both sessions for $315.  Book your place here.

Creative Operations - How to build successful Brand Platforms across channels

Thursday 2nd June, 1.30 - 5.30pm

Over the past 10 years the expansion of channels available to content marketers and the expectation of consumers to have immediate access to content across all those channels has applied pressure to brands and the creative teams behind the brand to deliver the rights channels at the right time, but often budgets, team sizes and skill sets have not grown to reflect the new channels. This half day will look at some of the challenges omnichannel marketing presents to brands and how to mitigate them.

Topics will include

  • 360 degree commissioning
  • Asset management and distribution to teams and channels, the content hub
  • ROI and measuring performance. Is every interaction a transaction?
  • Keeping on message, telling the right story across multiple platforms
  • Versatility in creative teams and siloed teams. Do creatives who were experts in a single channel now need to be experts in many fields?
  • Do we need to be on every channel available?

Cost per person per session is $175, or attend both sessions for $315. ​Book your place here.

Please contact the MPA if you require further details about these Group Sessions.