Chris Lamers

Chris leads marketing and strategy at Sovereign, driving awareness and customer engagement across a variety of channels. This includes brand, PR, social media and design, as well as research and customer analytics to guide customer acquisition and growth. Since joining the company in November 2013, Chris has successfully led one of the most significant re-launches of the brand in 25 years.

Chris was previously with Loyalty New Zealand (Fly Buys), where he held a number of positions including interim CEO. He relaunched the Fly Buys brand, developed and launched a partnership with Air NZ Airpoints, and led the implementation of marketing strategies that grew both membership numbers and revenue while reducing marketing costs. Early in his career, Chris worked in journalism and PR. He was also on the board of the New Zealand Marketing Association for four years.

A way with words

In a world increasingly ruled by reporting, analytics and data, does content still have the last word?

Chris knows all about successful brand relaunches, having worked on plenty – most recently with Sovereign Insurance, as they transform how insurance companies engage with their audiences. Chris and his team use a broad mix of platforms, backed by research and customer analytics. But in a world where content is king, is it Chris’s background in journalism that gives him the leading edge?

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