2017 Magazine Media Awards Judging

On behalf of the Magazine Publishers Association NZ (MPA), We would like to thank you for agreeing to be a judge for the 2017 Magazine Media Awards.

You have been identified by your peers as a magazine industry expert and nominated as suitably qualified to judge industry excellence. We are delighted to have your involvement in these prestigious awards.

Through these awards, we’re looking to capture the very best in storytelling and design, the building of engaged audience communities, and the driving of commercial success for both our advertisers and our brands.

This year, we have worked hard to simplify the entry and judging process, and to assemble expert judging panels to select our award finalists and winners.

Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA)

The role of judge comes with a responsibility to your peers to respect the confidentiality of the information they disclose within their entries. When you arrive at the judging panel, you will be asked to sign a NDA. Link to NDA

If you feel you are unable to meet the terms of this NDA please notify the MPA immediately at [email protected]

Judging Days

The judging panels will take place over three days  26th July 27th July and 3rd August. The MPA has sent you a calendar invite by email. Please ensure the date and time of the judging panel(s) you are participating in are locked in your diary. ​

Judging Venues

Judging Days - Venue of Judging Panel

Wednesday 26th July - The Grid AKL, 101 Pakenham Street West, Wynyard Quarter.

Thursday 27th July - The Grid AKL, 101 Pakenham Street West, Wynyard Quarter.

Thursday 3rd August - Bauer Media 90 Wellesley Street West, City



  •  5 JULY: Entries close
  •  7JULY: Dropbox invite sent to judging panels with award entries and judging forms
  •  7 JULY: Physical magazines sent to judges (Please note, the majority of award categories don’t require a full set of physical magazines)
  •  14 JULY: Judges declare any conflict-of-interest
  •  7 JULY to 25 JULY: Judges read entries and fill in their individual score sheets
  •  26 & 27 JULY: Judging panels at Grid AKL
  •  3 AUGUST: Judging panels at Bauer Media
  •  8 AUGUST: Finalists announced by MPA
  •  7 SEPTEMBER: Magazine Media Awards Ceremony & Gala Dinner

Judging Process - Step One


On Friday 7th of July the MPA will send each judge an email containing an invite to their specific judging panel Dropbox.

Each award category Dropbox will contain the following:

  1. Master Scoring Sheet The master scoring sheet lists all entries by award.  If an award is split into different categories e.g.  consumer special interest and home and food etc. you will receive a master scoring sheet for each category with all entries listed.
  2. Award Entries and Appendices The Dropbox will contain all award entries and any related appendices for each judging panel. If an award has more than one category, then the awards by category are divided into separate subfolders within the Dropbox for ease of use.
  3. Physical Magazines Physical magazines are only required for the following awards

Only these award categories required entrants to submit physical magazines.

  •  Best Designer
  •  Best Editor & Editor of the Year
  •  Best Magazine & Magazine of the Year
  •  Best Owned Media  / Custom Publishing

The physical magazines (if relevant to your category) will be sent on the 7th July. Please contact the MPA if you have not received your magazines by Monday 10th July. [email protected]

Judging Process - Step Two


A conflict of interest is a situation where you have entered yourself in the category you are judging, or where the magazine you primarily work on is entered in the category.

However, if your employer has entries in the category you are judging, this is not considered a conflict of interest.

Please declare any known conflict of interest to the MPA by emailing [email protected]. If you are unsure whether your situation is a conflict of interest please email the Judge Convener, Kim Mundell [email protected]

Judging Process - Step Three


We recommend that you skim read all entries first, to get some context on the overall standard of entries before starting to score. Otherwise you are likely to score the first ones you read too highly or too harshly.

Pay close attention to the total possible marks allocated for each question.This varies due to the weighting applied to each question. When you allocate a score, it must be out of the total possible score listed for each criteria or your score sheet will be inaccurate.

Jusging Process - Step Four


Each judge has from the 7th July to the 25th of July or the 2nd of August to judge your assigned award

Print out the master scoring sheets specific to each award category you are judging from your Dropbox and fill in a separate score sheet for each category. This needs to be done individually by you before you attend the judging panel.

This is where judges individually score each award entry based on the judging criteria and fill in their master scoring sheet. Remember this is not your final score, but an indication on how you marked the entry. 

If you have a conflict of interest, please refrain from submitting a score sheet for the relevant entry(s).

Judging Process - Step Five


The judging panels will use the individual score sheets as a starting point for discussion. During the panel discussion, you are able to amend your scores if you wish, before handing in your score sheets to the Judge Convener.

Halfway through the judging panel session (while you refresh your coffee) we will enter your individual score sheets into a spreadsheet.

The aggregate scores of all judges in the panel will determine the three finalists. This information will be provided back to the panel by the Judge Convener.

The judging panel will then continue its discussion and choose a winner from these three finalists.

Expectations of the Judging Panel



Each judging panel will choose a chair before it starts discussions. The chair will be responsible for keeping a record of:

a) any conflicts of interest declared by panel participants

b) decisions made by the panel

c) outputs required by the MPA, such as the statement about the winning entry

Choose a Maximum of Three Finalists Which Includes One Winner


The judging panel is required to choose THREE finalists, including ONE winner. If there is a tie for the winner the panel will be asked to continue discussions until one winner is chosen. Highly commended can be awarded to the runner up, this is at the discretion of the judging panel. Highly commended is not necessarily awarded.

Write Statement About Winner


After the winner is chosen – and before the judging panel leaves the venue - the panel is required to write a short 1-2 sentence statement about the winning entry. This statement will be read out by the MC during the awards ceremony, while the winner is walking to the stage, so it needs to be appropriate for this context.



How do we assess a title if it isn’t measured by Nielsen or ABC?

If a title is required to submit industry metrics, and is not in the ABC circulation audit or Nielsen Readership survey, then the entrant is obligated to provide a credible independent source of reference for any circulation and readership claims made. Independent or third-party data will be accepted e.g. NZ Post invoice or a distributive statement.

What is the definition for a conflict of interest?

A conflict of interest is a situation where you have entered yourself in the category you are judging, or where the magazine you primarily work on is entered in the category. However, if your employer has entries in the category you are judging, this is not considered a conflict of interest. Please declare any known conflict of interest to the MPA by emailing [email protected] If you are unsure whether your specific situation is a conflict of interest please email Kim Mundell, Judge Convener [email protected]

What happens if I have a conflict of interest within a category I am judging?

Where possible we have tried to avoid this, but in some cases, it is unavoidable if we wish to have the most qualified experts judging a category. If you have a conflict, you are asked not to submit a score sheet for the relevant entry. You are allowed to abstain from a few entries within a category, and still be a judge for the rest of that category.

Where will the awards ceremony be held and do judges get a free ticket?

The Magazine Media Awards, Awards Ceremony and Gala Dinner will be held at MOTAT Aviation Hall – 200 Meola Road. Judges employed by an MPA member organisation are expected to have a ticket provided by their employer. Those judges who are not currently employed by an MPA member organisation will be gifted a free ticket by the MPA.

Magazine Media Award Structure

Magazine Media Awards Structure

Award categories

The 2017 Magazine Media Awards has 45 awards across 18 award categories Some award categories apply to one or more magazine categories.


Kim Mundell, Director of Mandeville returns to her role as the 2017 Judging Convenor.

Kim Mundell has 22 years’ experience in magazines and newspapers. Kim was owner and co-founder of Healthy Life Media, the publisher of Healthy Food Guide magazine and event director for the Gluten Free Food & Allergy Show. She sold her shareholding in 2011 and is now a consultant to a range of not-for-profit organisations. Her key client is Health Informatics NZ, for whom she works as CEO and conference event director. Kim is also the editor of Coeliac Link magazine (for Coeliac NZ), publisher of Allergy Today magazine (for Allergy NZ), and editor of Revolve magazine (for Waste Management Institute of NZ).

Our other judges will be announced shortly.